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2665 kms

Endless Siberia

Published by Mihai on 08 - Mar - 2018

By now Mongolia is basically around the corner. To get to the corner though, we still have to cross part of Siberia. And Siberia is massive. And only has straight roads. Straight boring roads. Did I mention Siberia being massive?

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2698.1 kms

to Siberia

Published by Mihai on 23 - Dec - 2017

We are slowly getting closer and closer to Mongolia. In this episode we continue riding East through the vast Russian countryside. Incredibly kind people, interesting landmarks - Siberia in a nutshell.

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295.8 kms

Trike ride through Volgograd (former Stalingrad)

Published by Mihai on 21 - Dec - 2017

Here we are in Volgograd, known during the URSS as Stalingrad. It was here that we had our first interaction with the Russians. Needless to say it was not something I saw coming.

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3003.2 kms

D day - buckle up

Published by Mihai on 20 - Dec - 2017

Day one is here. In the first part of the trip we had rain every single day. Everything ranging from downpours,
to freezing rain. Bucharest - Mongolia. Sorry, I meant Elista.

Tags: Georgia Russia Mongolia

The luggage - how we packed for a 2 months motorcycle adventure

Published by Mihai on 04 - Sep - 2017

Take this, take that, the packing list usually suffers alot of adjustments. Tools, camping stuff, spare tires, clothes, medicine, electronics and others. What did we bring along to survive for 2 months? What wouldn't we take if we were to do this again?

Tags: Preparations

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