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The Naadam festival

Published by Mihai on 10 - Sep - 2018

Even though we are a short distance away from the Western border, Mongolia will just not let us leave. Literally - the border crossing is closed for an entire week. 168 hours.. tough luck!. At least we are just in time for the party. What party? Let the Naadam festival begin!

Tags: Mongolia

282.2 kms

Riding Central Mongolia, towards Bucharest

Published by Mihai on 31 - Aug - 2018

We continue our way through Central Mongolia, heading towards Bucharest. In this episode we jump over ditches, lose some of the motorcycle equipment, go up and down looking for the road and negociate with drunk drivers.

All in a day's work.

Tags: Mongolia

535 kms

Night at the Brick Factory

Published by Mihai on 22 - Aug - 2018

In this article we continue through Central Mongolia heading West. We will spend the night in a very interesting way, taken by surprise by a kind lady and the masked soliders.

Tags: Mongolia

1028 kms

Fairytale Mongolia

Published by Mihai on 16 - Jul - 2018

In this episode we discover the Mongolia I had imagined so many times before. Well, mostly as I had imagined it because I didn't know about the dust and the washboard. It has everything: lots of offroad, wild horses, camping at a billion stars hotel.

712.5 kms

Motorcycle ride in the Gobi desert

Published by Mihai on 05 - Jul - 2018

In this episode we make our first steps into the Desert. As Mongolia has all sorts of surprises in store for us we have to re-evaluate our options sooner than we had hoped.

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