The luggage - how we packed for a 2 months motorcycle adventure

Published by Mihai on 04 - Sep - 2017

Take this, take that, the packing list usually suffers alot of adjustments. Tools, camping stuff, spare tires, clothes, medicine, electronics and others. What did we bring along to survive for 2 months? What wouldn't we take if we were to do this again?

Tags: Preparations

The plan - how do we get to Mongolia and back?

Published by Mihai on 30 - Aug - 2017

A Romanian saying goes something like The plan from home does not match up with the plan from the market Our trip was no exception from this golden rule :) See what our initial plan looked like, what alternatives we had and what pe finally planned for.

Tags: Preparations

The idea - why travel to Mongolia?

Published by Mihai on 29 - Aug - 2017

Why Mongolia? I got the idea for this trip after a few days after my birthday in 2013. I know exactly how that happened.

Tags: Preparations

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