We're leaving to Mongolia the middle of nowhere

on the 19-th of June 2017 we're taking to Mongolia, here's the route:

Romania - Bulgaria - Tucia - Georgia - Rusia - Mongolia - Rusia - Kazakstan - Kargystan - Tajikistan - Uzbejkistan - Kazakstan - Rusia - Georgia - Turcia - Bulgaria - Romania.

As things on the road (might) always differ from what you're setting out for we are open to change...

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Georgia | Asia

We set ourselves for an unforgettable motorcycle trip… and it was so much more than that! It was a journey born out of the passion of riding motorcycles, discovering new places, knowing new people, testing our limits (even overpassing them), increasing our physical and mental endurance, sharing sensations, getting to know one another and also knowing ourselves… far away from our comfortable daily lives and routines.

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