Motokoto is a 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R. We first met in February 2017 so the Mongolia trip is our first ride outside the country.


Indubitably Motokoto will (at some point) meet tarmac or gravel. To make sure he won't get angry and decide to leave me roadside I've added a few protection elements:

Headlight protection (the headlight unit is not cheap at all so a grill to stand between pebbles and the precious glass is welcome) and a radiator protection grill, both manufactured by AltRider.

AdventureSpec upper crash bars. I've had quite a dillema picking these.. initially I was leaning towards the Touratech crash barsbut I didn't like the way they attach to the stock crashbars, seemed pretty flimbsy. After reading some other reviews I ruled them out as an option. I've also considered the Rumbux ones. When I found out the price for Europe I quickly disregarded this option as well.

BarkBusters handguards. At first I wasn't considering buying handguards at all as the bike came with OEM ones. After some heavy rain though, Motokoto tossed the towel and decided to lean down for a bit in my back yard. In the morning when we saw eachother again the left handguard was broken

Touratech Expedition skid plate. The OEM "skid plate" is a joke.


42L Givi Trekker Outback top case. Same as the handguards, the top case was not part of the initial purchase list. The stock one (though ugly as hell if you'd ask me) seemed to do its job. The problem was that after the back yard fall over the plastick locking bechanism broke.

Shortly after, during a light offroad ride I was almost overtaken by the OEM top-case. I then strapped it into place to make sure it stays behind and decided to transform it into a flower pot once I got back home.

HeavyDuties panniers- the left one is 48L, the one nearest to the exhaust pipe is 40L. I had previously seen the HeavyDuties panniers on a friend's Suzuki V-Stron. I liked them, the guys were very kind when I changed my mind on the colour and I won't even mention the price - very good compared to similar products.

KTM OEM tank bag - it was already mounted when I purchased the bike, it locks onto the tank and is pretty confortable when riding up on the pegs.


Brake pedal

No name levers - purchased off AliExpress. I can deffinetly say they are worth it, they cost 20-ish euros a pair

No-name LED lights

High Touratech windscreen - the OEM short dark windscreen looks very nice on the bike but it's obviously not an option for long distance travels.

AltRider side stand extension - one of the things I don't like about the bike is the sidestand keeps the bike too upright. That aside, the footprint of the sidestand is very small, learnt this "the hard way"...

GPS mount - initially I ordered the Touratech GPS mount. Fortunatelly however, they had some stock problems and couldn't deliver it. I ended up finding a similar cheaper product from HEED

Touratech Unifilter. It seems that the pre-2015 models have a problem with the gasket that seals the airbox. For my own peace of mind I decided to completely replace the air filter and gasket.

Rox Speed handlebar risers

IMS ADV 2 footpegs - seems to me one of the most enerving component on this bike is the size of the pegs. Narrower and most of all shorter thatn the V-Strom ones I was used to, they made riding upright a pain. The peg ending at about 2/3 of the width of the sole lead to foot discomfort pretty quickly.

Fuel canister - you'll probably laugh at me adding this to the list but it was quite a dillema finding a way of adding to the fuel capacity :) Initially I was thinking about cannisters to attach to the panniers. The main downside of this approach though is the liter/price.. most attach-able cannisters (Givi, Trex, Touratech) are about 2-3 liters at quite a steep pricetag. One interesting solution came from Rotopax. The price though is pretty high and if you add the locking mechanism you end up with a decent pricetag as well (not to mention that I wasn't going to bolt on the Rotopax locking system to the top case or the panniers).

In the end I found the cannister below at a Bucharest shop. Decently priced it sits perfectly on the passenger seat and has strategically placed loops to tie it down securely.