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Bosnia and Hertegovina | the story

Offroad to Jajce

Published by Mihai on 13 - Nov - 2018

This is our first full off road day. We find out the KTM's limits, get lost a few times but manage to pull it off in the end.

150.8 kms

Una Park - Željava air base

Published by Mihai on 02 - Nov - 2018

If you don't have time to watch the whole video now, scroll really quickly at the very end, you'll get to see an AMAZING camping site, it is worth it!

After marveling at a beautiful waterfall in the morning, we go to an abandoned air base - Željava Air Base. The paroblem was we can't find the way in. We later found out why - we had to first cross the border into Croatia, from the Bosnian side we found no way in. After having fun around the air strips and walking across the miles of underground hangars, we head towards the camping site I told you about for a cold one around the camp fire.

What a day this was...

220.6 kms

Banja Luka - Una Park

Published by Mihai on 30 - Oct - 2018

Unlike the last episode where we ended up by chance at an amazing site, in this one we have everything planned out, the route is correctly plotted, we were actually right in front of the monument we wanted to see but almost managed to miss the enormous building.

Because of the thick fog we had to struggle a bit to get to the alien space ship in the forrest. After marvelling at the structure we start the offroad, with mud, rocks and puddles, all the fun bits...

An awesome day!

459.6 kms

Belgrad - Banja Luka

Published by Mihai on 21 - Oct - 2018

After spending 2 nights in belgrade, we head towards Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this episode, we change the plan a few times, and, by pure chance, we end up at one of the most amazing sights of the enire trip - the Srebrenik fortress

555.2 kms

Motorcycle ride to Belgrade

Published by Mihai on 12 - Oct - 2018

We leave early in the morning at the break of dawn. At least that was what we were supposed to do. In fact, we left to belgrade at 14:00. Surprisingly for some, (the girls) we manage to get to Belgrade at around 22:30. Beer o'clock!

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