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Bosnia and Hertegovina | the story

1078.5 kms

Unexpected ending

Published by Mihai on 25 - Jan - 2019

This is the last episode of the series. As you might be expecting so far, we do not have a very well defined plan. Initially we want to cross into Kosovo, however, we find ourselves at night, with no cash trying to cross a border that is closed to tourists. This and other dillemas, in this final episode

187.9 kms

the Day the Heavens opened

Published by Mihai on 26 - Dec - 2018

This was one of the most difficult riding days so day. Torrential rain accompanied us most of the day. We leave the guys at Hitko Rafting and head towards Konjic where we descended more than 200 m underground in Tito's nuclear bunker.

After the Bunker visit we headed towards Mostar and then East, to the Blidnije Lake via a wonderful off-road section.

Rafting on the world's coldest river - Neretva

Published by Mihai on 18 - Dec - 2018

In this episode we wake up at around 7 AM - that is a first - and head out to a rafting spot where we were to meet two Romanian friends touring Bosnia by car and go rafting on the Neretva river. Neretva is the world's coldest river as we later found out.

254.1 kms

Mostar, Underground hangar, Blagaj and mishap

Published by Mihai on 11 - Dec - 2018

We ride off from Mostar and dive deep into Tito's underground aircraft hangar near Mostar. We then visit the Blagaj monastery under a cliff and cool off into the lake at the base of the Kravica waterfall. Our idea of an offroad section is cut short by some diesel spilled on the road. After a quick get off we return to Mostar.

171.5 kms

Motorcycling on the former Eastern railway

Published by Mihai on 04 - Dec - 2018

In this episode we ride on the former Eastern Bosnian Railroad tracks. Initially, the plan was to ride through all the 99 tunnels along this route and make our way all the way to Pale. Unfortunately things didn't go as expected and we had to backtrack all the way to Sarajevo.

After this awesome route we rode South and ended up near the Boračko lake in an awesome camping.

Find out more information about the Eastern Bosnian Railway here: