You shall not pass | Trans Euro Trail

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We must push on through obstacles of all kinds. Sometimes because we are stubborn, sometimes because we do not have enough gas to backtrack. We must push on.

In this episode we start with a bit of mechanical work, we pay the guys at Kakarakis Performance a visit in the morning and they weld Vlad's broken peg bracket. Right after we leave I manage to hit a rock and get the first flat tire of this trip. Fortunately we have everything we need and fix the tire puncture in no time. I've had plenty of punctures while riding in Russia (4 a day in the worst day) so we make quick work of this and we're back on track.

We then encounter a landslide, the road is pretty much blocked but we manage to squeze through on the edge of a dodgy ravene. Moving on we encounter not one but two fallen trees blocking the road. We manage to find an alternative route around and keep going.

This sure was a day to remember!


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