22 Apr

TET Romania - rocky ride


In this episode we ride a segment of the Romanian Trans Euro Trail. We start the day with a light warmup session - riding up to a random hill Igi spotted in the distance.
About an hour after descending the hill we are ready to start the TET trail. Rocky, steep hillclimbs tested out man and machine. A few drops later we end up riding in one of the most spectacular scenery.
The trail for today ends with a nice forest section - technical segment littered with ravenes.

8 Apr

Offroad fun


In this video we travel North, to the old capital of Valahia, Targoviste. The plan for today is to ride along a mountainbike offroad track that will take us through some some trully spectacular scenery. Golden forests, gnarly descends, fun times

3 Apr

Finding the rock formations


Join us for a beautiful offroad ride through the Romanian countryside. In search for the mythical rock formations, this was the perfect day to welcome autumn. Beautiful colors all around, riding through forests and all kinds of various terrain.
The evening greets us with beautiful winding curves. Watch out though! as temperature drops the asphalt is colder and more slippery. This is no time to rip through the curves knee down :))

Farewell 2018!

22 Jun

2018 - V-Stromania X - offroad


Welcome to VStromania! an awesome offroad trip with friends. See different ADV motorcycles on an epic trail offroad trail, riding through various terrain and what became a small river...

Suzuki V-Strom, Honda Africa Twin, BMW 1200 GS take to the trails!

30 Sep

Offroad trip to Tabla Butii


An one-day ride through Prahova county. From Valenii de Munte we went north, to Cerasu, Slon, The Heroe's Cemetery and then towards the Maneciu dam.

Soft offroad, a little snack by the fire, wonderful day!