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1028 kms

Fairytale Mongolia

Published by Mihai on 16 - Jul - 2018

In this episode we discover the Mongolia I had imagined so many times before. Well, mostly as I had imagined it because I didn't know about the dust and the washboard. It has everything: lots of offroad, wild horses, camping at a billion stars hotel.

712.5 kms

Motorcycle ride in the Gobi desert

Published by Mihai on 05 - Jul - 2018

In this episode we make our first steps into the Desert. As Mongolia has all sorts of surprises in store for us we have to re-evaluate our options sooner than we had hoped.

918.2 kms

The first steps offroad

Published by Mihai on 28 - Jun - 2018

Did I say the first steps? More like the first tumbles.. here we are in the Gobi desert. Not much to talk about here.. the petrol is pretty scarce, the water pretty hard to come by, there are plenty of camels and sand though. Ah! there is something else, we also came across the adventure we've been looking for. The only thing is it kind of hit us in the face :))

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Strolling through UlaanBaatar

Published by Mihai on 19 - Jun - 2018

Right after we reach UlaanBaatar we check in at the Oasis and leave the motorcycles for some well-needed maintenance work.

All taken care off we head out to the city center. Find out all about Mongolian taxis, come with us for an unexpected shopping session. We also dealt with the taxation system in Mongolia and dressed-up cops.

880 kms

"Welcome to Mongolia" - day one

Published by Mihai on 18 - Jun - 2018

Well, here we are, we're just about to cross the border into Mongolia. Nothing is quite as I imagined this to be - stormy night instead of sunny, 25 degrees Celsius. To add insult to injury both wheels are losingair after I crashed my motorcycle in a road batrier. Fun times indeed.

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