Tzuicutz / Mihai / Mishu

Travelling is most likely a hobby everyone added at least once to the Curriculum Vitae, whether or not at the time they were a real passion. But who doesn't want to travel at least mentally?

One can storytell for hours about the places you've been to reliving memories, emotions and sensations or listen to other people's tales imagining your trip through their experience.

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Even buying a bottle of wine from the nearby shop can be a journey in itself as long as you get something from it. The rest doesn't really matter, you are the one for whose existance you have to fight, to make it matter! And each of us have to live the lives we want, the way we want it, not the one other want.

I am your average Joe who realized what the missing piece of puzzle in my life was after riding a friend's motorcycle 10 years ago. And because travelling was already one of my hobbies all I had to do is go to the motorcycling school and get a motorbike. Ever since I have been travelling as much as I can, wherever I can to enrich myself.

This site contains a few of my motorcycle travels, I am sure this is just the beginning.

Enjoy it!